Corporate Aircraft Maintenance and Business Aviation

There is a paradox, business aviation is 30% down, but completion centres have never been so busy. Of course, heads-of-state, royal families, and even some high rollers remain unaffected by the recession, but this is not the whole story. Swiss-based Jet Aviation has expanded in the USA. Lufthansa Technik and Marshall Aerospace with their business [...]

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Shopping Centre Surveys for Success in Tenant Mix

When you manage or lease a retail shopping centre, the tenant mix and tenant profile are two critical factors for the success of the property. By definition they are: [...]

More Options For Business Conferences

How has business facilities changed in the last century? Where business meetings and conferences were held in basic locations, these days we see specified business [...]

Small Business Development Centre

Starting or operating a business can be a challenge for the business owner. It is advisable that you acquire all the professional help you can get so that you are able to [...]